Saturday, June 26, 2010

Two Week Hiatus

As I write this, my comfortable desk has been swapped out for the not-very-nice seats of an airport waiting area. Ever since the middle of February, I’ve been doing my best to bring something out here every week, preferably more than one something. And preferably something worthwhile, too, I guess. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to fail in that for the next two weeks, as I’m going to be quite far out of New York and lacking the time needed to consistently write.

Seeing as I’m going to be gone for two weeks, I guess I might as well give you a little idea of what’s coming, in the hope that you all don’t delete this bookmark. When it comes to reviews, a mammoth look at Peter F. Hamilton’s Night’s Dawn trilogy is coming up, as well as a review of Adam LG Nevill’s Banquet for the Damned. And, while we’re on the subject of Nevill, there’s an interview with the man himself coming up in only a little bit. In addition, there should be more of the same, hopefully indepth and possibly insightful, content coming up. I’d say that’s worth sticking around for, no?

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