Thursday, March 17, 2011

Patrick Rothfuss in Brooklyn

Tuesday night, I went to go see Patrick Rothfuss in Brooklyn. He was everything he sounds like in interviews and writes like on his blog, funny, charming, and intelligent. 

The Barnes & Noble, on the other hand, was infuriating, and, if there'd been another venue where I could've purchased my book and not missed the signing, I would've done so if it was twice the price. Because there "wasn't room," the discussion and question and answer portions of the signing were cancelled. Now, it was obviously true that the store lacked room – after all, they didn't even have an events room, making me wonder where exactly they were planning to put all these people before they shrugged and decided they couldn't be bothered and left us to wait outside. 

I've no complaints about Rothfuss, but if I'd known that the store was so incompetent I probably wouldn't have made the trip. Hopefully Rothfuss chooses a better venue next time he visits New York.

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