Monday, October 4, 2010

Book Title Communication

Not a particularly serious post today, this just looked like fun (taken from Walker of Worlds):

Complete the following sentences with book titles that you have read this year. Put the author of the book in parenthesis

I am: A Life in Letters and Diaries (Mikhail Bulgakov) [by J.A.E. Curtis]
I will never be: Thousandth Night [Alastair Reynolds]
I fear: Everything's Eventual [Stephen King]
My best friend is: The Killing Joke [Alan More]
What's the weather like? Gravity's Rainbow [Thomas Pynchon]
Best Advice: Shine [Various Authors]
I've never been to: Here We Are in Paradise [Tony Earley]
Favourite form of transport: Mad Ship [Robin Hobb]
I'll never fit in at: Arcadia [Tom Stoppard]
How I'd like to die: A Fest for Crows [George RR Martin]
You and your friends are: No Country for Old Men [Cormac McCarthy]
Thought of the day: The New Weird [Various Authors]
Your soul's present condition: Terminal World [Alastair Reynolds]

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