Thursday, October 28, 2010

Birthday Books

My birthday was the sunday before last, the 17th, and I got, unsurprisingly, books. A lot of books. A lot of books. Which made me very happy. I've been trying to get my hands on a digital camera to photograph the pile and put the pic up here, but that seems to be harder than I thought, as I don't own said camera, so I've pretty much given up on the idea. Still, I feel like posting a rather narcissistic list, so here goes:

Daniel Abraham - Leviathan Wept
Iain M. Banks - Surface Detail
Iain M. Banks - Against a Dark Background
Ray Bradbury - Something Wicked This Way Comes
Justin Cronin - The Passage
Arthur Conan Doyle - The Annotated Sherlock Holmes
Felix Gilman - Gears of the City
Felix Gilman - The Half-Made World
Joe Hill - Horns
Thomas Ligotti - Noctuary
George RR Martin - Sandkings
George RR Martin - A Song for Lya
Cormac McCarthy - All the Pretty Horses
Frank Miller - Batman: Year One
Alan Moore - V for Vendetta
K.J. Parker - Devices and Desires
K.J. Parker - Evil for Evil
K.J. Parker - The Escapement
K.J. Parker - Purple and Black
Steph Swainston - No Present Like Time
Brian K. Vaughn - Y: Cycles
Dan Wells - Mr. Monster
Willingham - Fables: Legends in Exiles

Almost all bought used, but generally in quite decent condition. I think I've got some good reading coming up...


  1. You have a Ligotti... *drools* I'm told he's the dude to go for horror and well, I'm still daydreaming for the day, when I will have a novel penned by his hand.

    Anyway, all my friends try to give me presents that are not books. Healthy, they say. Can you imagine the horror???

  2. Songs of a Dead Dreamer blew my freakin' mind, so getting more of him was top priority. If you want a cheaper one, My Work is Not Yet Done and Teatro Grottesco are both still in general print (paperback), and I hear they're both quite good.

    If I don't specify books, everyone I knows gives me gamestop gift cards. My xbox broke a year ago. Didn't even slow the tide.

  3. I have to order... someday. Need to be restrictive in my book buying habits.

  4. I know what you mean there, I've been trying to restrict my own purchasing habits. With the exception of birthdays and new releases. So not all that much of a restriction. But I'm trying!