Saturday, September 25, 2010

Up and Coming (and Essential?) in September

Don’t you hate it when you go to check something in your Up and Coming (and Essential?) post, that you know you posted on the first, but it’s not there, and you look everywhere for it, but it’s just...not there? And then you go to your files, but see that you deleted it because you thought you’d already posted it? No? Well, I just did. I’d like to redo the whole thing, but, honestly, there seems to be little point. The month is practically over, so I’m just going to highlight one book that I haven’t seen mentioned much yet, but definitely should be:

I Am Not A Serial Killer was a very enjoyable read, and satisfactorily creepy even if it had some problems, so I’m looking forward to the sequel’s US release quite a bit. Of course, it helps that Dan Wells is one of the three core members of my beloved Writing Excuses.

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