Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bringing the Rack to New Lands

Over the past few days, I've been putting all of the reviews that I've done here up on amazon, inspired in part by Speculative Horizon's Amazonian Call to Arms and in part due to the thought that a wider audience can't be all that bad a thing. Of course, as anyone who's read this blog for more than five minutes can probably see, my reviews are not a good fit for amazon. My average review is between three and six times amazon's maximum review guidelines (three hundred words), uses quite a bit of quotation (which looks fucking awful without anything to distinguish it from my own words but "), and I find myself wandering far from Is It A Good Book? on quite a few instances. Don't worry that I'm going to simplify what I'm doing to fit amazon (assuming that, as someone reading this post, you read and enjoy my review style); I'll just be doing what I always do and shoehorning it into an ill fitting venue. Should be good fun.

And, of course, if anyone feels like devoting hours of their life to hunting down all of my reviews and creating several different amazon accounts in order to vote them into the most helpful positions, why, that'd be just dandy.

Get on it.

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