Friday, May 14, 2010

Songs of a Dead Dreamer Shipped

Subterranean press's edition of Ligotti's Songs of a Dead Dreamer just shipped on amazon, which means that it's pretty much perfectly in sync with its March 31st release date. Oh, wait...

Well, this should be good enough to justify the delay. I haven't read any of Ligotti's work yet, save for his A Soft Voice Whispers Nothing story (in The New Weird anthology). Within a sentence of that, however, I knew that Ligotti was an author I needed to learn more about. His prose bowled me over like a fist; it was the same sheer awe that I'd first felt upon reading Lovecraft. If you, like me, haven't gotten into Ligotti yet, this looks like a great place to start; it's a definitive rerelease of his first collection (and, since it's Subterranean, you know it's gonna be a sight to behold). C'mon May 26th to June second...


  1. The stillborn songs of a dead dreamer, the hymns of a needle freak...

  2. I never noticed that. The collection came out first, but I suppose it's possible it influenced the song.

  3. I have his Teatro Grottesco collection and though I have not read much of it, what is there is very, very, good. I was hoping to pick up this collection and there is a chance I might, but a lack of funds sucks.