Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Half Made World [Cover Art]

I really enjoyed Thunderer, despite its flaws, so it's no surprise that I'm eager to be there as Gilman evolves as a writer. He gave a bit of information on this in an interview with Locus a while back:

In September, I have something coming out from Tor which is very different. I didn't want to write another city book, didn't feel like creating another gigantic setting. And I wanted to try my hand at something which had a more straightforward plot. I've been accused of overplotting and underplotting, but this one has a clearer plot. It's called A History of the Half-Made World (first of what will be either two or three books), and up to a point it's like a fantastic western. It's a purely invented world, though the fantastical elements are mostly limited to two weird and inhuman factions which sort of divide the world between them. They're archetypes of something or other, probably. The book has the frontier theme, the theme of the founding and various falls from grace, but I don't want to describe it as purely an American history thing, because that sounds like it's more closely tied to American history than it is. It plays with certain tropes, let's say.

Looking forward to it (and City of Gears, as well) quite a bit.

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