Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Innsmouth Free Press, Twelfth Issue

The twelfth issue of Innsmouth Free Press' online magazine came out on the eighteenth of February. I want to post about it for two reasons. First, I am an Editorial Assistant over at that fine press, so I would obviously like as many people to read the issue as possible. But, were that my only interest in the matter, I would have mentioned it on the eighteenth.

The other reason, and the dominant of the two, is that the issue contains some really excellent Weird fiction that any reader of this blog would do very well to check out. Just the other day I had my first chance to read each of the stories, and I am bursting with great things to say about them. I won't be doing a formal review of the issue, as reviewing something a Press I am affiliated with put out seems more than a tad questionable. But direct your attention towards it? Most certainly.

Of particular note to longtime readers may be the piece by Leslianne Wilder in it. I loved her story in the second issue of Shock Totem and was thrilled to see more of the work. It's all high quality stuff, though, and it's even free to read. Check it out.

As a final cool note on the issue, I will mention that I am now in the process of conducting interviews with the contributors for Innsmouth. I'll throw up some links when those go live.


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