Wednesday, July 25, 2012

K.J. Parker - Sharps

My review of K.J. Parker's newest novel, Sharps, is now up on Strange Horizons. For anyone just getting here from over there, you may be interested in my other Parker reviews:

The Folding Knife
The Hammer

[A scheduling/administrative note to regular readers: the review of Sandy Mitchell's Hero of the Imperium that, to be honest, may or may not have ever made it through the motel I was at's awful internet and onto the blog, will be back (and properly posted!) next week.]


  1. The review made it through on RSS but apparently not to the site. I was a big Flashman fan back in the day and it sounded interesting enough to wishlist for later - sadly I'm the only person that ever buys me anything off my Amazon wishlist.

    I actually started reading some Dan Abnett WH40K fiction after your earlier review.

  2. Huh, so that's (some of) what happened to the piece. How are you finding Abnett?

  3. Currently reading the "Eisenhorn" trilogy but I recognise your criticism that he writes loosely-connected set-pieces but... honestly I'm okay with that.

    I'm also reading Alan Dean Foster's collected "Mad" Amos Malone stories, to correct my lack of Westerns reading - even if they're westerns with dragons and jackalopes.