Monday, April 30, 2012

Review Policy

I like to read and review books. You have a book that you would like me to read and review. We're in a good place to make a mutually beneficial exchange, I think. There are just a few things that you should know:

You do not need to be a regular reader of the Hat Rack to get a review, but having some idea of what I like to read may be in your best interests. Horror, Fantasy, and Science Fiction are my core focus, but I will read outside of those genres. If your book is Middle Grade or a Paranormal Romance, however, you'd best look elsewhere.

Reading and reviewing are not the only things in my life. Even if they were, I have an ungodly huge stack of books at any time. If I agree to review your book, I am not lying. I will do so. But it will take some time. Maybe several months.

If I read your book, I will review it. Even if I hate it. Some of the negative reviews I've done on this site are downright brutal (see here and here, for examples). Read those and imagine it's your book. Only mail me a copy if you are okay with that possibility.

I do not have an e-reader and will not review e-books.The author, content, length, and whatever else you care to name is irrelevant. If it is not a physical copy, I am not your man.

I am not interested in self published or vanity published books.

All of that look okay to you? Still interested in a review? Excellent. Email me at nskteh[at]gmail[dot]com.


  1. I really like it when people are clear and straight-forward about what they do and how they do it. I wish I had written a book to give you for reviewing! hehe!

  2. You might want to also include a clause specifically saying that you won't review self-published books, unless you actually want to do so. I remember Neth over at Westeros saying that he got 10-20 requests a day from self-published authors asking him for reviews.

  3. My thanks to both of you. I have now added a paragraph on self published works (and generally shuffled the list about).

  4. "I do not have an e-reader and will not review e-books."

    Wow. Though that more or less rules out self-published works right there. I'm a top 100 reviewer on Amazon UK and experimented with putting up my email address. Well that lasted about a week. I did read a couple of the books that were emailed to me and they weren't terrible, but nobody was sending me anything in my preferred genres - paranormal romance and middle school.

  5. I'd say that over three quarters of the requests I get are e-books. Hopefully putting it in the guidelines will stem that somewhat. Interesting as the book might look, I'm not staring at my laptop to read it.

  6. Anyone helping further the future of paper books is on my list of heroes, however it is they go about it. Thank you. Dee