Friday, August 19, 2011

On Silence

You've probably noticed by now that things have been a bit quieter here than usual, especially on the non-reviews front. Well, I've noticed it too, and I apologize - alas, things aren't likely to get better soon. I dislike using this blog as a soapbox for the minutia of my life, but it's probably worthwhile to mention that I've just relocated to Ohio and that just about every element of my life is in flux at the moment and will, without a doubt, not settle down in its old position. Amidst all this, I do know a few things, and one of them is that I've no intention of letting the Rack wither away. I've come to love the ability to post my thoughts here more than a bit, and that's not even mentioning those of you who comment. So, the Rack shall live, but my amount of free time will likely be diminished a fair bit. Reviews will be coming every Tuesday, and I'll be making an attempt to keep the rest of the week as unbearably worthwhile as possible, but know that the last carries no promises.

After all that, I feel like I should end with a bit of more uplifting news. While I won't say who the author is, for fear things fall through, I will disclose that I've got an interview coming with someone so awesome that I've been agonizing over every word of the questions for weeks now. The interview won't be ready for some time, I don't think, but trust me - it will be worth the wait.


  1. Long live the Rack!

    Real interested now to hear who you've been interviewing, Nathaniel. Why you dirty great tease you...

  2. I'll say that, if I could have my pick of interview-victims from any living writer, it would be this writer, though I don't know how widespread a choice that would be. The identity's probably pretty guessable from who I've reviewed a lot, if anyone's so inclined...

  3. Oh. But of course.

    Still haven't gotten around to any of his work yet myself - though your recommendation did net me a copy of... shall we say TG? - but your interview could be the kick up the arse I need, so. Good luck with it!

  4. Heh, I figured it wasn't too hard to piece out. I would most heartily recommend TG, though I do worry about it hinging on my interview, as a potential screw up on my part would leave you without the stories forever...

    Also, I should mention that my lack of recent comments on your blog is not out of not caring, but rather a result of having no time whatsoever the last few days. I'm planning a big reviews catch up once things settle down.

  5. Hey, every step is a step to someplace more interesting.