Friday, December 3, 2010

Up and Coming (and Essential?) in December

I’ve been meaning to read the Alcatraz books for a while now. This is quite clearly not the place to start, being out of sight of the series opening, but what Sanderson’s said of the series on Writing Excuses sounds amusing, and, no matter how uninteresting a two or three hundred page book turns out to be, there’s always the consolation prize that it’s damn short. (Kidding – in part). Though what I’ve written on here of Sanderson’s work (Way of Kings and Defending Elysium) has been critical, I really did love Mistborn, and I’m looking forward to both someday cracking open the Alcatraz books and to getting my hands on the new projects from the man on the horizon.

Parker’s a fascinating author for me. The broad arcs of her novels could be mistaken for traditional (wars, power struggles, etc), but Parker’s strict realism, cynicism, and wry wit always set her writing apart. And then there’s the fact that she seems beautifully loathe to repeat herself. How does an author known for their stringent realism bring that trait to a novella about alchemy? I have no idea, but I can’t wait to find out.


My apologies to Ms. Valente for this one. I haven’t yet gotten to read much of her writing, but what I have read has been very interesting, and her new story collection from Subterranean Press and PS Publishing looks right up my alley. So why didn’t it get a feature? Well, I double check my release dates on amazon, and amazon doesn’t have it listed . If you want a sample of Valente’s short fiction, there are quite a few stories available through her website.

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