Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Turned Brain and Fixing Tags

While you wait for my Graphic Novels post, or perhaps the first of the Urban Fantasy reviews, some normal reviews, or whatever else you happen to be here for, I advice you to head on over to The Turned Brain and get ready to add another blog to your list. Megan's reviews are concise and insightful, a combination that's only helped by the absurd rate at which she's reviewing. Ten books in July? Ten? I'm being put to shame, damn it!

And, in other news, I've decided to change my post tags to something that makes some degree of sense. I can no longer remember why I thought having Richard K. Morgan be three separate tags was a good idea (maybe so people can search by middle initial?), but I think it's time to fix that into something a bit less...cluttered.

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