Friday, May 20, 2011

Historical Lovecraft Reviewed

It seems that the first review of Historical Lovecraft has come in here. The twist? It's in Italian. Thanks to google translate, however, I can pretend to know what's going on. What's even cooler than the idea of a book I'm in getting a review is if it's a good review - and this one is. David says:

The entire selection is a seriously good average - and is basically on what you assess the anthologies: the number of stories above the average level.

(The oddities in grammar are, obviously, the result of the translation, not David's prose.)

No stories besides William Meikle's get an individual shout out, but I can live with that because Meikle's tale was, indeed, fantastic, and because - without any contradictory evidence - I'll just go and assume that my story was in the group "above the average level." 'Cause why not, eh?

1 comment:

  1. It was and it is.
    And I hate what I wrote, or the way I wrote it, because that word "average" makes it sound like this is "an ok collection".
    It is not - it is wonderful, with a high level of fun, great ideas, and excellent stories.
    And a great cover.
    There, I said it!
    (I blame the machine translation, anyway - in Italian it does not sound so blunt)