Friday, April 1, 2011

Historical Lovecraft Preorders

Are you interested in a book of Lovecraft-inspired horror stories stretching back throughout history? A book that happens to contain stories by E. Catherine Tobler, Josh Reynolds, William Meikle, Jesse Bullington, and quite a few more fantastic authors, all gathered to present you excellent tales of supernatural misfortune, disaster, and woe? A list of authors that would not, of course, be complete without good ol' me? 

Of course you're interested. The question we face today is not do you want to read some great fiction? because that's obvious (you do, in case you're wondering). The question we must face is: do you want to read great fiction while shaving twenty percent off the cover price? If you answered yes, you'll be glad to know that Historical Lovecraft is now available for preorders. Buy as many as you want. I promise I won't get mad if you get a copy for everyone you know.


  1. Will there be a Kindle edition?

    Congratulations on the sale.

    What's the legal situation with Lovecraft these days?

  2. There will be a kindle edition. In fact, that one's up on amazon already (

    As far as Lovecraft, I'm pretty sure his work is in the do-what-you-will-with-it category, at least judging by the number of books with his name that come out, but I'm far from a legal expert.

  3. As opposed to the do-what-thou-wilt category which applies to Aleister Crowley's work. I slay me...