Sunday, August 8, 2010

On Stagnated Timelines (Malazan)

There was a rather large discussion on Westeros a few weeks ago, focused on the improbability of Malazan’s timescale. While I don’t think it’s truly possible to say that it’s not slightly…inflated…to say the least, I think the following quote goes a ways towards explaining one of the biggest problems with the numbers, namely that it’s ludicrous for technology to have remained stagnant for so long:

“Without the gods, we’re on our own. And with us on our own- Abyss fend! – what mischief we might do! what grotesque inventions to plague the world!” (p. 165)

So, though whether it’s believable to you or not, I guess it’s clear that Erikson was using the hard-to-develop-while-being-magically-nuked style of technological advancement.

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